The Basics of GenX and PFAS Pollution

Concerned about GenX and other pollutants in the water coming from your tap? This short video will give you a quick education on GenX and PFAS, which were dumped for decades into the Cape Fear River of North Carolina.


A group of citizens in West Virginia challenges a powerful corporation to be more environmentally-responsible.

This documentary presents little room for doubt regarding the harmful effects of PFOA and the attempts at damage control by DuPont. It reminds us that the impact of this chemical is global.

How an Unregulated Chemical Entered a North Carolina Community's Drinking Water

One of about 85,000 chemicals registered in the United States is not tested for in drinking water. One of them is GenX, a man-made compound that manufacturing facilities have discharged into North Carolina’s Cape Fear River for decades. In the second of a two-part series, NewsHour Weekend visits the area, where residents are asking questions about the chemical’s impact on their lives.

Dupont's Dumping of GenX Toxin in North Carolina Water Could Be Another Flint

Mike Papantonio discusses Dupont's chemical, GenX, that has been found in the drinking water of North Carolina residents and speaks with attorney, Chris Paulos about the case.

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