Judge rules against H2GO agreement with Town of Belville

Wrightsville Beach races to supplement water supply before summer rush after contaminated well shut down

One of its most productive water wells has been shut down since January because of chemical contamination. The Town of Wrightsville Beach is in a race against time.

Independent Test Finds Lower Levels of GENX in FPUA Water

The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority says the first analysis of samples of its water show lower levels of GenX compared to samples used in the study that set off the region’s concern about water safety.

Denied $47M State Grant to help pay for Treatment Plant

Money to upgrade a water treatment plant in New Hanover County to filter out GenX and other PFAS compounds will not come from a state grant as hoped.

CFPUA sees spike in 1,4-dioxane levels in water from Cape Fear River

The most recent test results of water from the Cape Fear River show increased levels of the contaminant 1,4-dioxane.

EPA releases first-ever toxicity assessments for GenX, related chemicals

Long-term exposure to compounds used in nonstick coatings including GenX appears to be dangerous even in minute amounts.

Three new PFAS compounds discovered

Three new PFAS compounds discovered in treated water at CFPUA facility

Emerging Contaminants

Laboratories are now able to detect and identify new compounds in our drinking water that were previously unknown.

Toxicity Assessment Released

One day after the EPA released its first-ever toxicity assessment of chemicals in our drinking water, the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority said it's implementing a temporary solution to reduce PFAS levels at its Sweeney Water Treatment Facility.

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